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latest works from CHARLES BARBIER, LEANNE McCLURG CAMBRIC, pAUL dEAN AND sCOTT FINCH on display during sEPTEMBER exhibition

Baton Rouge Gallery (“BRG”) is proud to feature the latest works from four of its artist members Charles Barbier, Leanne McClurg Cambric, Paul Dean, and Scott Finch – during its September exhibition. The exhibition will be on display at BRG September 3 through September 26th, 2014 with no admission charges during normal gallery hours (12-6 p.m., Tuesday – Sunday). 

A ‘First Wednesday’ Opening Reception will be held at the gallery, located inside BREC’s historic City Park (1515 Dalrymple Drive) to celebrate the exhibition on September 3, 2014 from 7 – 9 p.m. As always, ‘First Wednesday’ Opening Receptions are free and open to the public. 

On Sunday, September 7th the gallery’s ARTiculate Artist Talk series will offer an intimate look at the inspirations, techniques and thoughts that led to the works featured in the gallery. Charles Barbier, Paul Dean and Scott Finch will be on hand to discuss their work and answer questions from those in attendance. 

Visitors to the exhibition will experience Barbier’s vivid imagery and thought-provoking insights into the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, Cambric’s use of animals in her deeply allegorical ceramic pots, Dean’s humorous look at human frailty through the four color prism of CYMK and Finch’s exploration of the self beyond the eye. 


Charles Barbier – The Sixties 

Charles Barbier makes a stunning return to his roots with his latest BRG exhibition, “The Sixties.” Reflecting upon his earlier work, Barbier brings the themes and imagery of his formative years to his current works. Visitors are offered a unique glimpse into the pop culture, social issues and the politics of the 1960s and 70s from a military veteran’s perspective. As a self-proclaimed protest painter, Barbier’s use of vivid paint, collage and abstraction give a unique perspective on pop culture, politics, religion and social issues. Though he pulls from many different personal inspirations, he finds that musicians played an important role in shaping his perspective. Artists such as Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Joni Mitchell - among many others - served as the creative steam engine for his earlier work and his latest creative expressions. 

Barbier has been a BRG artist member since 1994. Before receiving instruction, he was a self-taught artist for fifteen years. He cites his experience of being a veteran of the Vietnam War (1968-69) as a strengthening factor in his development as an artist. In tackling controversial subjects and themes that often reflect a local context, Barbier employs complex compositions with meanings that are open to the interpretation of the viewer. 


Leanne McClurg Cambric – Capacious 

In her current BRG exhibition, “Capacious,” Leanne McClurg Cambric uses practical ceramics to begin a truthful conversation about the strength and resilience of humanity. With the metaphorical use of dreamlike animals, Cambric’s works allow the viewer to connect with nature on a unique platform. “It is within that struggle of accepting things as they are, that I begin to understand my own humanity and find connection again with an animal’s self sufficiency and instinct.” says Cambric.

The narrative imagery displayed on her ceramic pieces, speak from an autobiographical viewpoint, concerning personal themes such as longing and survival. Through the use of her thoughtfully crafted, functional vessels, Cambric creates a direct connection between artist and user. Although created by a combination of techniques, her works rely heavily on pinching clay into form, intentionally leaving behind fingerprints to engage her users on a human, visual and tangible level. 

Leanne McClure Cambric has been BRG artist member since 2005. Raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Cambric received a B.F.A. in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the University of Minnesota in 1997. In 2002, Cambric received her M.F.A. at Louisiana State University. Cambric has exhibited all over the U.S. as well as being an artist-in-residence at the Archie Bray Foundation and Watershed. In 2007, she was named the Emerging Artist for the NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramics Arts). She is currently an Assistant Professor at Governors State University in University Park, IL. 


Paul Dean – CMYK 

The future of humanity and its inherent strangeness become the study in Paul Dean’s newest exhibition, “CMYK.” Dean implores visitors to be enlightened by the examination of humanity’s demise. Through the use of humor, peculiarity and the four colors CMYK (a common abbreviation for cyan, magenta, yellow and black), Dean uses a color illusion to persuade us to acknowledge our distinctiveness through the careful assessment of the frailty of Homo sapiens. Dean beseeches visitors to examine his meticulously created time capsules through new eyes, as though they are seeing humans for the first time. 

Paul Dean has been a member of the Baton Rouge Gallery since 1993 and currently serves as a professor of color theory, typography and graphic design history at Louisiana State University. Dean also serves as a freelance graphic designer and performs as a DJ. His work has been exhibited at the Slidell Cultural Center, the LSU Union Art Gallery, The Southwest Missouri State University Student Exhibition Center, the University of Florida and the Margaret Harwell Art Museum in Poplar Bluff Missouri. 


Scott Finch – Passionflower Mountain 

Scott Finch poses the question, “What happens when self-portrait becomes self-inquiry?” In his current Baton Rouge Gallery exhibition, Finch looks past a mirrored self-image to call forth to a deeper understanding of identity. He ponders if alternative means like dreams, visions or meditation could render a less bound exploration and therefore more complete examination of the self. As a continuation of his sequential art project, Form and Deed, Finch uses sculpture, ink and watercolor drawings to create self in a new image. 

Scott David Finch lives and works in Baton Rouge, LA and has exhibited a new body of work at Baton Rouge Gallery nearly every year since he became a BRG member in 2002. He received his BFA from Louisiana State University in 1994 and his MFA from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in 1996. In 2013, Regent Press in Berkeley, CA published his graphic novel, A Little World Made Cunningly, and his new title, Form and Deed, was self-published last August. 


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