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Latest Works from Preston Gilchrist, Theresa Herrera, Marcus McAllister and Jessica Sharpe On Display at BRG During March Exhibition


Baton Rouge Gallery (“BRG”) is proud to feature the latest works from four of its Artist Members – Preston Gilchrist, Theresa Herrera, Marcus McAllister and Jessica Sharpe – during its March exhibition. The four-person exhibition will be on display at BRG through March 26, 2015 with no admission charges during normal gallery hours (12-6 p.m., Tuesday – Sunday). 

A ‘First Wednesday’ Opening Reception will be held – in partnership with BREC - at the gallery, located inside City Park (1515 Dalrymple Drive) to celebrate the exhibition on March 4, 2015 from 7 – 9 p.m. As always, ‘First Wednesday’ Opening Receptions are free and open to the public. 

On Sunday, March 8, the gallery’s ARTiculate Artist Talk series will offer an intimate look at the inspirations, techniques and thoughts that led to the works featured in the gallery. Each of the four exhibiting artists will be on hand to discuss their work and answer questions from those in attendance. ARTiculate begins at 4 p.m. and is also free and open to the public. 

Visitors to the exhibition will be treated to Gilchrist’s retextured narratives, Herrera’s journey back to her spiritual roots, McAllister’s evolving technique, “spatial lace,” and Sharpe’s tribute to Carl Sagan and his infectious love for astronomy. 


Preston Gilchrist - Groundline

Preston Gilchrist tests the boundaries and limitations of familiar images in Groundline, a collection of reinterpreted renderings, aimed at altering common conceptions. Gilchrist has been drawing figures that inspire him for 15 years. He changes the scale and decontextualizes well-known images to change how the viewer interprets them. Through his deconstruction, he hopes that a new narrative can emerge. Gilchrist uses encaustic painting techniques, which utilize wax and pigments, in addition to traditional painting and drawing techniques. 

Preston Gilchrist has been a BRG Artist Member since 2002. He received his BFA at the University of New Orleans. He went on to earn two subsequent masters degrees. He earned his first masters in Fine Arts at Louisiana Tech University and the second in Arts at Northwestern State University. Gilchrist currently serves as the Artistic Director for the River Oaks Arts Center in Alexandria, Louisiana and as an Adjunct Instructor at Louisiana College in Pineville, Louisiana.


Theresa Herrera - The Trinity 

Exploring and revisiting the divine, Theresa Herrera comes home to her spiritual roots in her latest exhibition, The Trinity. In the 60's, Herrera rebelled against her family's Hispanic influence but as her life as progressed, she has found herself called back to her religious upbringing, embracing the faith and traditions of her grandmother. The Trinity incorporates familiar icons and symbols of her Catholic ideology through painted images.     

Theresa Herrera, a native of Los Angeles, has been a BRG Artist Member since 1992. She received her BFA and MFA at the University of California Los Angeles. She has exhibited her work at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Cleveland Museum, The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio, The Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, TX, The New Orleans Museum of Art and the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. She has received grants from the Louisiana Division of Arts for travel in Guatemala. A life-long art educator, Herrera has shared her passion for visual literacy with children and adults for over 40 years. 


Marcus McAllister - Navigating by Hidden Signs

In his newest exhibition, Navigating by Hidden Signs, Marcus McAllister demonstrates his evolving technique, which he calls “spatial lace,” combining realistic forms and geometric shapes. He is currently experimenting with painting and drawing within the technique he has created. McAllister manipulates space and creates obscurity, by layering and blurring figures of animals, people and symbols to create the illusion that figures are in motion or levitating.  

Marcus McAllister, a BRG Artist Member since 1995, is a familiar face on the global art scene. McAllister is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas and went on to receive his BFA from Louisiana State University. McAllister began his artistic journey after graduation with an artist residency with the city of Beauvais and L’Ecume de jour (France). He has shown his work around the world in many solo shows from the Parsons School of Design in Paris to Gallery 26 in Little Rock. McAllister now lives in Paris as a painter and illustrator. 



Jessica Sharpe - We Are the Surface

Jessica Sharpe draws us into the wonder that is human existence and the connection we have to the universe in her exhibition, We Are the Surface. In this body of work, Sharpe draws inspiration from Carl Sagan's deep appreciation and infectious love for astronomy and science. After watching a televised lecture given by Sagan, Sharpe was inspired to replicate a set from his television program, Cosmos. The show depicted a tea party on Mars, where Sagan and a few children pretend to have to tea together on the red planet. Sharpe's exhibition is a tribute to his profound influence in her current understanding of the beauty, mystery and uncertainty of life and our cosmos. Sharpe uses painting and installation art. 

Jessica Sharpe has been a BRG Artist Member since 2013. She was born and raised in Ohio, where she received her BFA in Painting and Art History from the University of Cincinnati in 2003. She attended graduate school as the School of Art Fellow at Syracuse University in upstate New York, receiving her MFA in 2010 before moving her studio practice to New York City. While there, her professional experience included work as a freelance visual merchandiser for Saks Fifth Avenue and an artist assistant at Annie Varnot Studios. Over the past ten years, her work has been exhibited across the United States, from Baltimore to California. She currently resides in Baton Rouge. 


For more information on Baton Rouge Gallery, or this exhibition specifically, visit or call 225.383.1470.