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Sundays@4: Travels in the Seven Directions

Author Sami Parbhoo Reads from His New Collection of Short Stories at Sundays@4

Join us on Sunday, July 22 when BRG's Sundays@4 series welcomes Sami Parbhoo for a reading from his new collection of short stories, Travels in the Seven Directions. Based on his journeys around the world, the book's title plays off the idea that many ancient cultures believed that we not only travel north, south, east, west, up, and down, but also within. 

As Parbhoo puts it, "I truly believe traveling is the best education you can get. I think the more one travels, the less racist or nationalistic a person can be. Traveling can make us humble and not so rigid in our ways, for there are many ways of living, many solutions to the world's problems, many lessons to be learned."

Presented as travel narratives, some of the book's stories veer into the realm of Magical Realism, where human reality touches and/or blends with the world of dreams, mystic experience, and even the Divine. The author's stories take readers across the globe while reminding them that "all journeys close and far are but journeys within."

As with all Sundays@4 presentations, this event is open to the public with no charge for admission.