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Sundays@4: Museumgoer

  • Baton Rouge Gallery 1515 Dalrymple Drive BATON ROUGE United States (map)

On Sunday, September 15, Alex V. Cook’s solo musical project, Museumgoer, comes to Sundays@4. As The Advocate once put it, Museumgoer is a “high-concept endeavor mixing lowbrow and highbrow,” with music based “in ambient and experimental music as well as two intentionally bland musical genres, ‘elevator’ and ‘easy listening.’”

Museumgoer’s latest available at

Museumgoer’s latest available at

Museumgoer’s latest EP, the project’s seventh since debuting last August, was released just last month.

“This EP is attempt at actualizing a type of Internet surrealism - the accentuating and juxtaposition of ordinary things found online to open a door to the subconscious,” explains Cook. “I like to think these pieces show the ‘fun’ side of Museumgoer, but subsequent listens find it run-through with melancholy and even a little terror.”

Over the past year, Cook has recorded most Museumgoer tracks with his phone but played a wide variety of instruments including banjo, mandolin, synthesizer, Wurlitzer electric piano, accordion, glockenspiel, drums and bass. This latest EP includes the use of online text-to-speech apps, online synth emulators, and ambient noise from a tea shop.

The event, as with all Sundays@4 events, is open to the public free of charge.

For more details, call 225.383.1470.