Kelly A. Mueller is currently serving as the Art Department Chair for Lusher Charter High School in New Orleans, LA, Mueller recently completed a two-year artist residency at the Greater New Orleans Artist's Mansion (2006-2008). Her work has been shown throughout the United States, especially throughout the Midwest. She has also been invited to give numerous lectures throughout the nation including engagements at The Philadelphia Art Hotel, Millsaps College (Jackson, MS) and Michigan State University.

Mueller looks to capture a momentary world, frozen and fleeting with each quilt she creates. With each solidified in its conflict, the quilt itself is a physical companion to an individual's thousand nightly passages into and out of consciousness. Using a projector, she traps text, imagery, instructional manuals, and maps, found patterns and momentary realizations in layers of acrylic and charcoal. As Mueller explains, "I enjoy getting lost in the maze of light and shadow, sometimes giving myself over to the ease of written directions, at other times allowing myself the absorption of pulling out and fretting over a singular form or object, working over it with line and color until it exists perfectly, individually, lost among the masses."


Artist Member since 2011

Master of Fine Arts in 2004 from Northern Illinois University

Master of Art degree from Governors State University (University Park, Ill.)