artists: Want to be a part of SURREAL SALON 12?

submitting your work for surreal salon


Baton Rouge Gallery is now fielding submissions from artists of all media for the 12th annual Surreal Salon, the annual juried exhibition celebrating the pop-surrealist/lowbrow movement (January 2020). Below you will find many details regarding how to submit your work for consideration. All artists are encouraged to review the Surreal Salon 12 prospectus before submitting their work.


The exhibition, to be held in partnership with the LSU School of Art, will once again feature works from artists around the globe, giving audiences a unique multi-sensory experience with a style of contemporary art not often presented in this region.

All artists over the age of 18, regardless of geographic location, are eligible to submit works for the exhibition’s juror to consider for inclusion.

The work selected by the exhibition’s juror as “Best in Show” will be prominently recognized in an upcoming editorial on that will focus on the artist behind the work and the piece itself.

Each application must be accompanied by a non-refundable $30 processing fee. Artists completing their application online will be able to pay this fee via PayPal. Artists submitting work via mail must include a check or money order (payable to Baton Rouge Gallery) for $30, along with their submission materials.


Submission deadline: November 15, 2019
Notification: by November 30, 2019
Deadline for artwork delivery: December 26, 2019
First Day of Surreal Salon: January 3, 2020
Surreal Salon Soiree: January 25, 2020
Dan Quintana Talk at LSU: January 27, 2020
Final day of Surreal Salon: January 30, 2020


Artists submitting work for consideration may do so one of two ways; either online (preferred, via EntryThingy) at or via mail (delivered to the gallery’s street address). All submissions must be received by the gallery by midnight on November 15, 2019. Artists must follow the instructions presented within the EntryThingy system in their entirety. Artists wishing to submit works via mail are encouraged to review the Surreal Salon 12 prospectus for details on requirements for such submissions.

Artists may submit up to three works to be considered for inclusion in Surreal Salon 12. Images/videos submitted must represent the finished works the entrant wishes to have featured in the exhibition and should be no more than five years old. BRGCCA reserves the right to use any images submitted for promotional purposes (exhibition catalogues, press releases, etc.).

Works must be physical and tangible and must be able to be displayed throughout the exhibition. All two-dimensional works must be ready to hang in a professional gallery; no bull clips, clip frames, or poster frames will be accepted.

Artists will be notified via email of the juror’s selections.

Shipping / Delivery / InsURANCE

Shipping/delivery of selected works to and from Baton Rouge Gallery are the responsibility of the artist. Works must be delivered to the gallery by 6pm on December 15, 2019. BRG is not responsible or liable for any damage resulting from the transit of works. Artists shipping works to the gallery are responsible for securing adequate insurance during transit to and from the gallery, if they so choose. While works are on BRG’s premises, they will be insured for the full declared value (”sale price”). Artists shipping work(s) to BRG should have an account with the shipping provider of their choice and should plan to make arrangements with said company for the pickup of any unsold works. BRG is not responsible for the cost of return shipping for any works.


Have more questions? No problem. Let us know via email.

surreal salon 12 SPECIAL GUEST juror: dan quintana

Dan Quintana

In past years, we have been honored to enlist jurors for Surreal Salon that represent some of the most influential names in pop-surrealism, including Juxtapoz co-founder Greg Escalante and artists such as Ron English, Camille Rose Garcia, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Liz McGrath, and Josh “Shag” Agle.

This tradition continues in 2020 with artist Dan Quintana serving as Special Guest Juror for Surreal Salon 12, thanks in part to a partnership with the LSU School of Art.

Quintana’s tones, brushwork, and technique might sometimes be seen as a modern twist on the work of Hieronymus Bosch, his subject matter places his paintings in an entirely different space than his stylistic mentor’s. The Los Angeles-based artist took his early experimentation with oil painting with him when his focus shifted to street art and murals. In his twenties, Quintana took on commissions for music labels and t-shirt designs that allowed him the freedom to become a full-time artist. In the years, since, Quintana’s work has been featured in publications such as Juxtapoz, LA Weekly, and others. Whether seen on the streets or in the gallery, color and light have always played important roles in Quintana’s work, as have figures immersed in ethereal worlds that explore the relationship between life and death.

Quintana will give a free and informal talk at the LSU School of Art on Monday, January 27, 2020 in conjunction with Surreal Salon 12. His presentation will touch on his own work, his career as a professional artist, the state of pop-surrealism today, as well as the collection of works featured in Surreal Salon 12.


For more details on Surreal Salon 12, call us during gallery hours at 225.383.1470.