Andrew Sato


Andrew Sato


The Wanderer
Acrylic, Spray Paint and Oil on Canvas
36 in. X 48 in.


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The Wanderer, Acrylic, Spray Paint and Oil on Canvas, 36 in. X 48 in., 2017

Salt Lake City, Utah
"As a self-taught artist, I have learned to rely upon my imagination and purest childhood instincts to create my oil paintings. I am heavily influenced by the surrealist movement and use imagery ingrained in my subconscious since childhood. My memories of cartoons, early animation, music, and the Southern Utah red-rock, desert landscapes fill my paintings as I examine meanings, both superficial and subliminal. Each piece merges together the adult-created world, how it is perceived in a child’s mind, and vice versa. The results are swirling layers of content and imagery with colorful, hallucinatory intensity." - Andrew Sato