Jonathan Mayers

Green Guedry vs Jet Jaguar 3.jpg
Green Guedry vs Jet Jaguar 3.jpg

Jonathan Mayers


Green Guedry vs Jet Jaguar
Acrylic on Canvas
35.5 in. x 35.5 in.


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Jonathan 'feral opossum' Mayers

Green Guedry vs Jet Jaguar, Acrylic on Canvas, 35.5 in. x 35.5 in., 2014

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
"I’m completely invested in painting images of particularly inspiring environments and populating them with somewhat wicked, sometimes charming, cartoonesque monsters and mythological creatures. During my excursions I imagine wild beasts that perhaps exist out there in the swamps, the bayous, the marshes, the woods, the rivers, the bays, and the basins. They protect the environment from time to time by destroying bridges, other invasive species, or even haunting the people who try to smother la dame NatureGreen Guédrys are perhaps the most prominent creatures found in my paintings. These little naked beings are the metaphors for us Créoles, us south Louisianans whose roots extend to Europe and Africa, but to some “outsiders” are looked upon as blind to reality, even considered benevolently ignorant. Hence their empty eye sockets and glazed over, cloudy eyes."

In a series of paintings I pitted Japanese pop culture kaiju against creatures inspired by traditional folklore, people, and animals in south Louisiana, but who sometimes mirror the likeness of these monsters from the silver screen. Jet Jaguar is TOHO’s revised version of a fan-created mecha called Red Alone and was featured in Godzilla vs. Megalon. Green Guédry, having been inspired by fandom of Louisiana people, became his opponent." - Jonathan Mayers