Pohan Wu

Meeting Halfway and Its Irreconcilability.jpg
Meeting Halfway and Its Irreconcilability.jpg

Pohan Wu


Meeting Halfway and Its irreconcilability
Pigment Print on Archival Paper
16 in. x 24 in.


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Pohan Wu

Meeting Halfway and Its IrreconcilabilityPigment Print on Archival Paper,  16 in. x 24 in., 2016

Toronto, Canada
"As the metaphysical variant of reality, art helps us discover new perspectives, and ultimately serves as a therapeutic means to remedy the shortcomings in life. To this end, how art is consumed and received is just as important as how and why it is made. 
The driving force in my work is the urge of self-discovery as well as the way our surroundings and sensory experiences affect our states of mind, collective memories and universal emotions. I keep myself open to learn from the subjects that I am considering working with. That'd let the world reveal itself to me, allowing the possibilities of new points of view. That process of art-making is what I value the most. It is also one of my aims to present to the viewers the creative process rather than only the result and the content that that process produces. 
The strength of photography is its fidelity in the representation of physical reality with an obvious flaw of not being able to depict intangible phenomena. I have continually added project-driven means including abstraction, digital painting and collage in order to find the way to portray most preciously the subjects I am passionate about." - Pohan Wu