Tyler Mitchell


Tyler Mitchell


The End
Raw Digital Photograph
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24 in. x 30 in.


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Tyler Mitchell

Annihilation, Archival Inkjet Print, 24 in. x 30 in., 2017

Davidsonville, Maryland
To have one all encompassing 'Artist Statement' is a tough one for me. My work rapidly evolves from one body of work to another. Each new direction giving rise to multiple new paths to explore artistically. My 'medium' of choice is photography, particularly a new breed of it, in which I strive to make impossible looking photographs, one would swear were 'photoshopped' but are, in fact, meticulously set up photographs, both in my studio and out. I draw on my education as a classically trained painter and sculptor to build out and create a new world in which my imagination can exist. I am quite literally in a constant 'brainstorm' and am always piecing together new and interesting images from my waking and dream states. I, in turn, strive to recreate these 'illustrations' through the lens of my camera and welcome and enjoy all the troubles that come with trying to create the sometimes impossible. Art to me is a mental and bodily function, something that has to happen constantly. I am very grateful to have the means to spill my imagination out upon the world." - Tyler Mitchell