Memory has always played a significant role in Christopher Brumfield’s work. Most recently, his work has focused on dislocation, having his own notions about permanence altered over the past decade. His earliest sculptures sought to give physicality to childhood memories, which over time evolved into separate current focuses.

The first body is a series of abstracted organic pieces made of clay and glass that Brumfield characterizes as “memory nests.” Trying to picture what a memory might actually look like in one’s mind, he has installed numerous such sculptures – with a guerilla-like approach - under bridges and in different locales worldwide.

Brumfield is also well known for his installations and photography centered around Tchotchkes, specifically ceramic gnomes. The members of “The Blue Gnome Brigade” are placed and positioned by Brumfield “in places where humans have disrupted nature, but nature is still very much a force to be reckoned with.” In a gallery setting, viewers may find either photographic documentation of the Brigade’s travels or the Brigade itself.

Since 2014, Brumfield has served on the faculty at Baton Rouge Community College. His work has been exhibited throughout the southeast United States.


Artist Member since 2016

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Studio Art), Louisiana State University

Master of Fine Arts (Ceramics), Newcomb College, Tulane University