James Burke is one of the most influential contemporary arts figures in South Louisiana and is Professor Emeritus at Louisiana State University. In addition to being a founding member of Unity 8 Gallery, (which went on to become Baton Rouge Gallery center for contemporary art in 1966), Burke is featured in several private and public collections including the Wichita Art Association, the Delgado Museum of Art in New Orleans, The Dulin Galleries in Knoxville, the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC, New York University at Potsdam NY and the LSU Museum of Art in Baton Rouge.

Burke's paintings are a compilation of landscape from many vantage points. By juxtaposing these views they create an entirely new prospective and space. The reinterpreted and luminous surfaces can be described as personal, whimsical and idiosyncratic to Burke's innovative point of view.


Artist Member since 1966 (Founding Member)

Bachelor of Art, St. John’s University

Master of Fine Arts, University of Iowa (Printmaking)