Over the last thirty years, Sam Losavio’s work has explored “the interplay between opposing visual elements and eccentric asymmetrical compositions.” Primarily focused on form, his work is deeply influenced by science and a process that celebrates intuition and discovery as an end in itself. Employing humble, ordinary materials, Losavio’s work embraces the complex relationship between creation and destruction.

His work has been exhibited across the southeast United States, including, most recently, a solo exhibition of drawings and sculpture at the LASM (2017-2018). He has been awarded artist fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts twice and once from the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art.

A born-and-raised native of Baton Rouge, LA, after earning his MFA from Louisiana State University (“LSU”), Losavio served as an assistant professor of art at LSU, the University of Florida, and Loyola University (New Orleans, LA) from 1982 until 1994. After stepping away from his career in the classroom in 1994, he joined the staff of the Louisiana Art & Science Museum (“LASM”) and served as its Assistant Director until retiring in 2018.

Artist Member since 2018

Master of Fine art (sculpture), Louisiana State University

Bachelor of Fine Art (painting), Louisiana State University