Michaelene ("Mikey") Walsh's love of both animals and dolls is reflected in her work. She claims that her interest in both of them is driven by the inner-life they seem to possess. She is fascinated by their ability to both haunt and enchant both children and adults alike with their ambiguous presence.

"Both dolls and animals alike align with what is untamed, instinctual, pre-verbal, corporeal and irrational within each of us – and both have strong links to the wisdom of those latent parts of our being, too," asserts Walsh.

Walsh has held teaching positions at the Massachusetts College of Art, the University of Georgia, the University of Washington, Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of California-Davis. Additionally, Walsh has served as an instructor at numerous alternative-learning venues such as Haystack School of Crafts, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Arrowmont and Santa Fe Clay.

Currently she is an Associate Professor of Art at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Walsh's sculptural ceramic work is exhibited nationally and was featured in the publication, The Figure in Clay, by Lark Books.

Artist Member since 2004

Bachelors of Fine Arts (Crafts), University of Illinois

Masters of Fine Arts, New York State College of Ceramics