leslie friedman

At the heart of Leslie Friedman’s work are issues of identity. More specifically, she examines the distortion between “how we represent ourselves and how others see us.” With a powerful visual vocabulary of appropriated images from popular culture and current events, the personal is transformed into the universal with an aim towards dialogue about identity politics. An artist and educator, Friedman specializes in printmaking, sculpture, and installation.

Friedman is an active participant in the alternative gallery scene, having co-founded the Philadelphia-based art collective NAPOLEON in 2011 and is a current member of Good Children in New Orleans, LA. Since moving to Baton Rouge in 2016, she has served as Assistant Professor of Art at Louisiana State University. Her work has been seen nationally  and internationally with highlights including solo shows at Space 1026 (Philadelphia, PA), Millsaps College (Jackson, MS), and Delaware Contemporary (Wilmington, DE).

Artist Member Since 2016

Master of Fine Arts, Tyler School of Art, Temple University