Born in Seoul, South Korea, Haejung Lee has been an Artist-in-Residence at The Banff Centre in Canada and at Denmark's Gulagergard International Ceramic Research Center (2003 & 2004). She also received a Lormina Salter Fellowship from Baltimore Clayworks in 2010 and one year prior was invited to the Fifth World Ceramic Biennial in her native Korea.

Lee considers America her second home. In dealing with the differences between Korean and American culture, she integrates the traditions of her Korean culture with aspects of western culture in order to illustrate how both cultures are a part of her. Adjusting to her new environment has challenged her to negotiate conflicting impulses and finds her in a constant process of figuring out her own identity as a Korean living in America, leading her to create works that illustrate, "that I am in time being transferred from one point to another."


Artist Member since 2011

Master of Fine Arts concentrating on ceramics at Kyung Hee University (S. Korea)

Master of Fine Arts concentrating on ceramics at Louisiana State University