Malaika Favorite works in a variety of different media, allowing her flexibility based on the nature and purpose of the work. In recent years, Favorite has experimented with an assortment of surface treatments and forms to create eye-catching two-dimensional works that move beyond the typical square or rectangular frame of a single piece. Within a single series, she may employ canvas, wood, metal, and more to create an elaborate assortment of shapes.

Favorite’s artwork has been featured in Samella Lewis’ “African American Art and Artist” and “Art: African American;” Bernardine B. Proctor’s “Black Art in Louisiana,” and “The St. James Guide to Black Artists,” by Thomas Riggs. Her works can be found in a number of notable collections including that of Absolut Vodka, The Morris Museum of Art (Augusta, GA), The Alexandria Museum of Art (Alexandria, LA), The Coca Cola Company (Atlanta, GA), and The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (Cincinnati, OH).