kristine Thompson

Kristine Thompson’s work explores both emotional and social responses to death and mourning, including how we grieve and the memorial properties we attach to significant objects and spaces. Her work has also increasingly considered how photographs of violence and mourning circulate publicly and what power such images have to elicit empathy on the part of the viewer. While earlier work focused on the legacies and mythologies surrounding notable deceased artists, her work more recently has shifted towards more broad cultural responses to death.

Thompson serves as an Associate Professor of Art (Photography) at Louisiana State University, here in Baton Rouge. Dating back to 1999, her work has been featured throughout the United States, including exhibitions in Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Denver, among many others. Additionally, she has been involved in more than a half dozen curatorial projects, had writings published by Phaidon Press and UCR/California Museum of Photography, and received numerous honors.

Artist Member Since 2017

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Northwestern University

Master of Fine Arts, University of California, Irvine