Paulo Dufour's glass vessels continue to develop and hint at an allegorical metaphor. His amorphous and sensuous work conjures up images ranging from the earthy colors of landscapes to primal skin vessels. His works suggest the struggle of the human condition; where real conflict and myth evolve.

Paulo Dufour was born in Portsmouth, N.H., and spent his early life in the woods around Baton Rouge. The son of artist and LSU Professor and BRG founding Artist Member Paul Dufour, Paulo Dufour was inspired by art and glass from an early age. Paulo Dufour has exhibited all over the United States from Seattle to Los Angeles and is in collections from Spain to Tennessee.

Currently, Dufour resides in Covington, LA and creates glass projects for a variety of clients, galleries and invitational museum exhibits while also working as a dedicated teacher in the public school system.

Artist Member since 1985

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Louisiana State University

Master of Fine Arts, California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland